Django Tutorial 1 — Project File structure

I am starting a new Course on Django Web Framework. Today we are going to see File structure of Django Project.

Command to create a Django Project

django-admin startproject FirstProject .

in the above command ‘.’ will represent that the FirstProject will be created in same directory.

Following is the File structure of FirstProject


  1. Here all the applications settings get stored. You can also find the information about middleware used, database connections and path to the main url config.
  2. This is an empty python script which lets python interpreter to treat this directory as python module/package.
  3. This file store all url patterns for the web pages of web application. This also stores url-config specific to an application.
  4. This file acts as a web server gateway interface. It helps in deployment of project in production.
  5. This is a command line utility. Helps in creating an application, migrations and so on so forth.

Note: Feel free to comment if you find any mistakes.